Why I love taking head shots

Head shots and business portraits are one of the core services we provide in Colorado Springs and one of my favorite things to do. We help people professionally represent themselves where it matters. Many people are a little nervous about getting their photos taken. It can be a somewhat intimidating with all the lights and studio gear, so one of my primary tasks is to put people at ease.

Review from a recent head shot taken in our studio in Colorado Springs!

However, the best part of the experience for me is getting to know the person sitting in that chair, on one-on-one basis. They are just here for a some photography, but I learn something new and different every single time.

jbCM portrait studio after an enjoyable headshot session in Colorado Springs, CO

Making that personal connection is one of the primary reasons the resulting images come out as good as they do. Everyone has something worthwhile to share. No matter your business or the interaction, be grateful for the moment you have with another person and take the time to listen and learn.

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