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Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer is a Must

I hear this question over and over, “do we really need a wedding videographer?”

I totally get the reservation. Hiring a photographer AND videographer can get pricey. Some couples cant seem to justify the expenses. After working in the wedding industry for a while, I know that hiring a videographer is a MUST. If you are on the fence, please keep reading.

  1. Relive the day. The wedding day goes by so fast for the bride and groom, chances are they didn’t even get to enjoy it all. Having a video to watch as many times as you want will give you the ability to relive things you may have never seen or simply forgot about.
  2. Family that can’t make it to the wedding.  As sad as it may be, not everyone will be able to make it to your wedding. Having a video to send to those were not able to attend will make them feel included.
  3. Some things can’t be photographed. Your vows and first dance cannot be photographed. There is nothing like hearing (your now husband or wife) saying their vows again. Those emotions will never be replicated but with a video, you will have those memories and the raw emotion that came with them, forever!
  4. The In-Between.  A wedding photographer can’t capture every single thing on your wedding day. A videographer will bridge that gap.

Are you convinced now? Our team of professional photographers and videographers would love to capture your special day!

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