Why are you guys so affordable?

We get questions like this all of the time, especially when it comes to weddings. People typically expect to have to pay high prices when it comes to media production. While great quality media production does take time and expertise, it isn’t a license to extort.

At jbCM we’re in business for the long haul. We prioritize creating long term, professional relationships with our clients over short term gains. Photography and video production are just two of the services we provide and we price them just like everything else we do … determine the cost to perform a service (resources, payroll, time, travel, equipment, etc) and compute necessary profit for continued company growth – pretty simple.

Services providers have gotten in the habit of charging way more for weddings because of the significance of the day and our society has accepted it. We think there’s a different way to go: quality media production that doesn’t break the bank. Give us a call and let us see what we can do for you.

Come to us for one thing, stay with us for everything.

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