The Importance of Capturing the Small Moments

I was raised in a photo family. My mom has hundreds of wind-up pictures and professional photos capturing my earliest moments to my highschool graduation. As I’ve gotten older and started my own family, I realized the importance of capturing those moments. Those photos that my mom took have allowed me to look back and reflect on my childhood, it has given me the opportunity to remember family traditions and start using them with my family, and it’s also fun to look back and see the similarities between my son and I. 

Photos are a way to keep in touch with family and friends that I have moved away from. They can become sentimental gifts for those who are not close to see the growth of their loved ones. Capturing the small moments is important. Kids grow up so fast and it is truly hard to remember everything. Having a photo to display or look back on in a photo album helps retain those memories. 

Most people use iPhones now to capture and send pictures instantly, so why use a professional photographer? The quality is unmatched. Using a professional photographer allows you to enjoy the process with your loved ones and not worry about taking the best shot with your phone.

So often “moms” are the ones behind the cameras but by hiring a professional, everyone gets to participate. 

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