JBCM Media Production Samples
Justice & Security Strategies

John "Jay" Billups

Media Production Specialist

About Me

My media production adventure started in 1985, when I apprenticed for a portrait photographer. In 2017, I became a full-time creator. The journey continues, at present, specializing in video production, and 2D animation, and headshot photography.

My method of approach to media projects is primarily requirements-based, with particular focus on the end-consumer. I always keep in mind the intended outcome and purpose of the media I help produce for my clients.

I’m conservative in nature when it comes to the style of the media I create. I believe content should serve its purpose and not trends. Professional media production should stand the test of time.

How I can help Justice & Security Strategies

As a company providing consulting services to law enforcement and public safety agencies, Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. relies heavily on carefully researched data. That data is key for acceptance and integration of systems such as body worn cameras.

One of the best ways to aggregate data for assimilation is with multiple forms of media. Animation and whiteboard videos are great ways to break down and explain complex processes and information. Storytelling with videos in the form of interviews, testimonials and case studies are excellent ways to share experiences and increase client buy-in.

Please review the samples below and contact me with any questions you may have.

Video Interviews


Podcast Style


Animation for Explaining

Animated Case Studies

Animated Series for Training

Training Videos