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Putting Yourself Out There

One of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur is personal branding. In order to get your work out into the world, you have to create a name for yourself. I’m not just talking about a brand name, logo, or a nice-looking portfolio. Your STORY is quite possibly the most important part about your business. You can have a great product or service but, what really brings people in and what makes them want to support you is your story. What motivated you to start your business? Where were you at in life before you followed your dream? Deep-rooted questions that show your dream clients/customers who you are, what you’ve been through, or how you give back to the world will top ANY other company who is not doing so.

Here at Jay Billups Creative Media, we are ALL about supporting local artists/entrepreneurs. One of my favorite things about jbCM is our free local magazine that we send out to the Colorado Springs area. Here, you can read about amazing people that we had the pleasure of interviewing and learning about their business and their dreams. We also have featured writers that share pretty compelling stories and give great advice! If you’re an entrepreneur and think you could use some help putting yourself out there, we’d love to meet you! Let us help you tell your story. 

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