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Ashtōnz Live

Jay Billups Creative Media (JBCM) had another opportunity to a successful live streaming musical performance with the Ashtōnz. Music  to our ears.  The JBCM team always strives for the best even when Mother Nature (in Colorado Springs) is being bi-polar! On this day we all weren’t sure about where to stream. Outside or inside Charlie’s humble abode cabin. Thanks to our team’s creative and innovative live stream gear, equipped and versatile, the team could quickly transfer to the outside and set up. Adapting to the environment and to these times of changes. 

Live streaming has tons of meticulous details. Where to put the camera for best viewing, having the best audio, and learning how to use the tools to use live streaming through You tube or Facebook. These two live streaming platforms are the best options to reach optimum goals of success, expectations, and most of all wonderful sound. Audio is crucially as important and JBCM has the top notch tools. We’ve studied and dedicated time to learning and applying high end audio capabilities. Enhancing the Ashtōnz bands lively music, Charlie, Randy, Nathan, Kerry, and Bob brought foot thumping beats into your homes and living room as if you were right there! The JBCM team is very proud to be able to continue to bring entertainment and events through live streaming to you in these ever changing times of needs. We thank you for tuning in!

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