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Fast 15 – Get to know people in your organization

During COVID 19 protocols many businesses, especially those who rely on face-to-face interaction between multiple levels of the organization where beginning to falter when it came to internal relationships.

Online meetings like Zoom and Teams works just as intended, but it is very difficult to get to know someone, especially management, on a more personal level.

Operation Homefront, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families, needed a way to connect with their staff in more personal way.

After discussions with Operation Homefront Area Manager, Phil Martinez, we came up with the Fast 15 concept. In short, we ask participants a series of 15 questions which require a rapid response via Zoom. The record video is then edited into a professional video that is then shared with members the organization.

Operation Home Front “Get to know … FAST 15” videos

This same concept can be applied to any large or small companies and organizations. Let me help your organization stay in touch and grow relationships at all levels.

Sample of Get to Know … Fast 15 videos

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