Louis Armstrong impersonator performs Imagine in this music video

Creating a music video to honor Louis Armstrong

I had the honor of working with one of the most talent musicians I’ve come across lately, John Redmon! John is a premiere pianist, a wonderful vocalist and a Louis Armstrong impersonator.

John’s latest release was “Imagine,” written by John Lennon and sung by Satchmo. My goal was to create a music video that did all three men creative justice. I started by having John come into the studio to record his performance from different angles and lighting in front of a green screen. John is a consummate professional and performed each take as if it was the first with perfect energy.

John performing one of ten takes of “Imagine” as Louis Armstrong.

To help to really get the emotion of the song across to the viewers we wanted to include as many other performers acting out individual scenes. However, due to COVID 19 it was difficult even just getting hold of models and actors. Instead we turned to stock footage, primarily from Story Blocks.

Editing the “Imagine” video performed by John Redmon (Louis Armstrong impersonator)

The editing process was intense. We handled in section of about 10-20 seconds at a time to make sure we achieved the best results possible. Throughout it all, everyone remained professional and we’re extremely happy with the outcome. I result of true teamwork!

Here is the completed video. Please enjoy!

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