animation for case study for colorado department of labor and employment

Animations for Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE)

The Colorado Department of Labor and Unemployment (CDLE), as part of recurring education for providers, had a panel discussion on Zoom discussing multiple case studies involving workers injured on the job.

Instead of simply reading the cases for 3-4 minutes at a time the CDLE educators thought it would be much more beneficial to animate the cases via video for better retention and comprehension.

Sample of Animations

Case study animation setting up a workers comp discussion about a ski instructor injured on the job.

A case study involving the injuries a roofer sustained when falling from a roof. The case study reveals the subsequent treatment and employment plan.

A case study of a masseuse who received injuries at work.  The discussion focuses on the differing diagnoses she received from multiple providers.

I created custom characters and successfully animated the stories of each case study (samples above). The animations were integrated into the training video and made available as recurring education to the physician providers.

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