Pricing - JBCM Media Production Services

The cost for media production can vary greatly depending on your needs and project requirements. The pricing guide below will help you get a general feel

However, after one or two complimentary info calls you’ll know the cost down to the penny. Barring any significant changes, you’ll  can be confident that your quoted price will not change. 

Video Production Pricing Guide

Pre-Production – $125/hr
Includes: Brainstorming sessions, storyboarding team meetings, planning, research, discovery, scripting, talent acquisition, site visits and tests.

Video Production – $175/hr
Includes: Gear prep and management. filming (up to three cameras), audio recording, teleprompter, talent management.

Post-Production – $125/hr
Includes: Editing, color correcting, color grading, file management, sound design, stock footage acquisition, archiving, file delivery, etc.

Note: Travel fees may apply out of 50 mile radius

Sample Project Pricing
A typical two-camera documentary of corporate style interviews requires 1.5 hours of Pre-Production (no site visit), 5 hours of Video Production, and 4 hours of post-production. Total cost based on the pricing guide above: $1562


Animation Pricing Guide

Storyboarding, Editing and File Delivery

Pricing Coming Soon

Headshots for Job Fairs Pricing Guide

Mobile Studio, On-Location Photography, Editing, and Image Delivery

1-2 Hour Session – $500
3 Hour Session – $700
4 Hour Session – $950

Note: Travel fees may apply out of 50 mile radius

Sample Project Pricing
A typical on-site headshot session 3 hours and can produce and can comfortably produce 75 headshots and runs $700. Attendees receive their headshot in 3 business days or sooner.