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Aerial Drone Services

Welcome to JBCM Drone! I run Professional Aerial Drone Services based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fully insured and licensed FAA Part 107 Certified Remote UAV Pilots.  We provide a wide range of imaging (photography, thermal, orthomosaic) and videography services all along the Colorado Front Range.

Construction Progress Monitoring

Recurrent construction progress monitoring by aerial drone is time-saving and cost effective.

Regular site progress reports provide consistent site imagery, from start to finish. The resulting drone imagery and video greatly assists management address safety risks.

Drone imagery and video can be easily shared with project managers, stakeholders and investors throughout a project’s lifecycle to ensure construction is progressing as planned. Progress monitoring not only helps detect when a project has fallen behind but also prevents delays before they happen. 

Aerial photography and video also helps to keep owners and investors in the loop and excited about the your project.  With many interested parties out of town or otherwise unable to visit the site, we provide easy ways for you to share the progress of you construction. Contact us to see an example client website.

More Info

JBCM Media Production is a veteran owned and operated company. JBCM Drone service areas include: Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, Castle Rock and surrounding mountain counties.

Aerial Drone Inpections

Drone inspections can be accomplished in almost every industry that requires visual and/or thermal inspections as part of its maintenance procedures. Drone inspections are especially useful for equipment and structures that are inaccessible or otherwise difficult, costly, and inconvenient to reach. By using a drone to collect visual data on the condition of an asset, drone inspections help inspectors avoid having to place themselves in dangerous situations. 

Aerial (drone) inspections are well suited for structures that have limited, expensive and/or difficult access. Some examples include cell towers, roofs, HVAC equipment, utilities, bridges, on-going construction, and windmills.

In addition, the high optical zoom capabilities of our enterprise drone allows for excellent quality inspection images at a distance of 60-100ft or more. This ability to standoff from an inspection target provides enhanced security and safety!