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How to use Vehicle Magnets to market your business

Remember vehicle magnets? Vehicle magnets are another old school way of marketing. It’s a cost effective way to advertise your business as you travel around town. They definitely attract attention because it’s something different than just a plain ole blank side of a car – so you can guarantee people will look. 

So, before you go out and get a pair of magnets for your car there are a couple of things you need to think about. First, what is your goal? Client acquisition or brand recognition. Small businesses make a common mistake and try to maximize their marketing efforts by cramming as much info as they can on the space they have. More bang for the buck, right?

Nope, it’s not appealing and it looks amateurish. Look at the big brands and see how they advertise … simple, elegant – sometimes just the logo is enough. 

If you’re hunting for clients the most you should have on your magnet is a short list of services (or maybe just one thing), logo and contact info – the logo is optional. To be honest people don’t really care about your logo and the name of your business – they first want to know what you do and how to get hold of you.

For brand recognition all you really need is your logo and a short list of services – you want to relate the visual with the services you provide. The goal here is to imprint your logo in their memory so the next time they see it, online or in print, it adds a level of legitimacy to your business. 

Depending on what you read, people need to see your brand/logo at least 5-7 times before they can connect, relate and buy from your company. Isn’t, “Oh, I recognize that logo!” better than, “I’ve never heard of your company before”

Also, keep in mind that relative to distance and speed of your mobile sign, it’s going to be difficult to read much of anything, especially the first time people see it. So again, don’t put too much stuff on it – Got it, goood.

Last thing, take it from personal experience, clean your magnets often, remove them from the car and clean both contact surfaces thoroughly – the snow, rain, dust and heat combine to become some kind of industrial super glue. It is a mess to get off … no, heat guns don’t work well either.

Of course, if you need help designing and/or printing your new vehicle magnets, we can help!


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