Custom Stock footage

Custom Stock Footage (Photo & Video)

Jay Billups Creative Media (JBCM) can help you build high end assets for your business marketing. Create your own stock footage library with photos and videos.

Why stock footage? Stock photos and videos can greatly increase the convenience of creating articles and social media posts by not having take pictures or shoot video yourself.

Why not stock footage? Three main reasons; costs, time and personification. Buying a 6-30 second clip from the popular stock footage sites can run over $70 for an HD clip and over $100 for a 4K clip. There are 1,000s of clips for every keyword you search and you’ll spend a good amount of time just finding something you like and suitable for your needs. Additionally when yo do find clips that will work for your project, they will likely be generic and not be a 100% good fit.

Jay Billups Creative Media can solve these problems!

Get Resources That Fit You!

JBCM can create a custom stock footage library for you, at a much reduced rate than that of typical stock sources. Your stock footage will feature your products, your team, your personality, your target customers and your city, COLORADO SPRINGS. I work where you and your customers live!

As an added bonus, you’ll have access to my photo and stock footage libraries for reduced rates.

JBCM is based in Colorado Springs

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