Enticing Latina woman boudoir photo in bedroom

Boudoir Doesn’t Mean Naked

Jay Billups Creative Media (JBCM) proudly offers boudoir shoots to our clients in a private, professional setting. One of the first boudoir shoots I ever did when starting my professional photography career was a low key shot of a woman’s hip and thigh. It was artistic and made people look. It emphasized the the things that make a body beautiful and interesting. I wish I could show you the image, but the negatives have been lost and there isn’t a digital copy (gasp!).

However, with the advent of sites like Instagram and OnlyFans the general focus seems to be on gratuitous nudity or butt shots without much thought of art. Even some of the boudoir photographers are succumbing to posting butt pics seemingly without much thought of function. By that, I mean would a person really sit like that?

You may be saying to yourself, “this sounds like an old guy ranting!” Maybe … probably, but I think we’re going down the wrong path. To me boudoir photography means sensual, intimate and inviting which doesn’t necessarily mean naked. Much can be said with a look, an expression, or an implication.

boudoir tub photography in color and black and white in clawfoot tub
Silvia Taziri posing in one of my tub configurations. The clawfoot tub is filled with large "diamond" crystals. Have an idea? We can make it happen.

JBCM’s boudoir photography serves those who want to share an intimate expression with someone else in a tasteful, artistic and sensual way. We have several different scenes and we can create a number of custom looks to fit your individual style.

Silvia Taziri posing with a male model

I don’t share any client boudoir photographs without expressed permission and in most cases it would just be for in-person consultation examples. To showcase the different setups I have professional, experienced model Silvia Taziri to pose for JBCM.  

Yes! We can do couple boudoir shoots to help you create a special memory.

Latina woman in clawfoot bathtub on a bed of crystals
Silvia Taziri in another configuration with our clawfoot tub. Special lighting really makes this scene.

I’m constantly adding props for more and more creative shoots. If you have an idea you’d like to explore CONTACT ME.

JBCM does not discriminate – all ages (21+), shapes, genders and orientations are welcome!

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