Videos for Education, Training and Promotion.

Budget-minded video production for small business, education and training focused on serving Colorado Springs. Hire a local business!

• Perfect for Business, Medical and Education
• Colorado Springs Video Production
• 1, 2, or 3 Camera setups
• Interview or first person style
Quick Turnaround
Professional grade equipment

Colorado Springs Video Production

Video Client Reviews

Anne Libby
Anne Libby
Professor and Vice Chair, CU Department of Emergency Medicine
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Jay Billups is my go-to video production collaborator. He has helped me film and edit numerous videos, filming multiple faculty speakers. We have used non-scripted content as well as scripted. We have created logos, added music, wrapped videos for a consistent branded look/feel, and marketed our work. Jay is an excellent collaborator and brings energy, enthusiasm, and new ideas to each project. I always budget for Jay to join my team, and know my work will have beautiful production quality that brings the content to life. Highly recommend, 5 stars!
Lara Canham
Lara Canham
CU Faculty
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I'm a faculty member at the CU Anschutz Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and Jay helped us update our recruitment/promotional materials. He was absolutely fantastic to work with. Was able to get phenomenal video footage and photos of our students, faculty, and campus. The project was done quickly, with excellent communication. He was very responsive to feedback and helped us achieve exactly it was we envisioned. Will absolutely use him as a resource for a future project.
Molly Thiessen
Molly Thiessen
M.D. Emergency Medicine
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I give Jay my highest recommendation! Operationally, he is extremely responsive, courteous, helpful and engaged. From a creative perspective, his vision and talent are unmatched. He was extremely flexible and accommodating of physicians' off-kilter schedules. The end product is just beautiful. Thank you, Jay!
Affordable Video Packages for Colorado Springs Small Businesses

Professional Video Interviews

Interviews are the foundation of storytelling.
corporate style video interviews
documentary style interview video for an awards ceremony

Sit-down video interviews, from news-style segments to in-depth documentary-style narrative, offer a dynamic and versatile medium to bring your brand’s message to life. These interviews go beyond traditional written content, allowing you to captivate your audience through the power of authentic human interaction.

Showcase your industry experts engaging in thought-provoking discussions that position your brand as a leading authority.

Picture compelling testimonial interviews where satisfied customers share their heartfelt experiences, building trust and credibility with potential clients.

Introduce your team and company culture, forging personal connections with your audience.

Video Production Clients
Timeless Videos that Outlast Trends and Fads
Video production using classic, tried and true, filming and editing techniques.

• Get the most out of your investment
Classic transitions and camera techniques
Clean, sharp professional look
Engaging, but not trendy

Education and Teaching Videos

Build online courses and enhance eLearning platforms.

video for education, training, eLearning
video for education eLearning

A Pleasant, Low-Stress, Process

Video production focused on your needs and requirements. No arogant producers here.

• I’m focused on you, not the gear
Be your true self in front of the camera
Relaxed environment
• I want you to be a success

I Guarantee an Enjoyable Experience

Promotional Videos

Promote Your Business, Service or Organization

promotion of business, education programs, nonprofit

Video Production for Corporations, Small Businesses, NonProfits, Medical and Educational Institutions.

My goal is to provide an enjoyable experience in your video production journey, while making your vision a reality.

Full-Service Video Production Company

storyboarding and pre-production included

From brainstorming and ideation to scriptwriting, storyboarding, and scheduling – I’m with you every step of the way.

Pre-Production Includes: Brainstorming sessions, storyboarding team meetings, planning, research, discovery, scripting, talent acquisition, site visits and tests.

Freelance video production

I’m an experienced video professional who can turn your concept into an engaging, world-class video.

Video Production Includes: Gear prep and management, filming (up to three cameras), audio recording, teleprompter, photography, and talent management.

freelance video production editing services Colorado springs and nationwide

In the video editing process, I work quickly and efficiently to make sure your video is delivered on time, within budget.

Post-Production Includes: Editing, color correcting, color grading, file management, sound design, stock footage acquisition, archiving, file delivery, etc.

TYPES of Video we love to Create

Video Interviews

corporate style interviews

 A well-crafted corporate style video can help businesses effectively communicate their message, build brand awareness, and drive engagement.

Education & Training

education and training videos

Great for internal and external use. Education and training videos have a lasting impact.

Promotional Videos

promotional videos

Promo video is a great way to connect with your target audience to educate your potential clients of your services.