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Promotional Video

Promotional video is a genuine form of marketing and it is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. Video is an effective way to educate your potential clients of your services as it integrates visual and audio components which leads to better retention. Video is easy to share.


Character and whiteboard animation is a great way to help explain processes, conduct training, walk through instructions or to gain product recognition. With simple and engaging interaction, animations effectively capture and maintain attention that can have a long lasting impact.

Construction Progress

Construction progress monitoring produces aerial and terrestrial site imagery and video that you may easily share with clients, project managers, stakeholders and investors. It is a great way to prevent and detect project issues to save time and money from start to finish.

Event Videography

JBCM Media Production captures your event from multiple video angles with up to three cameras! From company events, speaker presentations to wedding and memorial ceremonies we’ve got you covered.

Website Content

We help you create your own stock photography and video for your website and social posts. Use images of your real crews, employees, equipment, and work environment. Give your potential clients an authentic look at what you do.


Services by Category

For most client projects JBCM Media Production uses multiple platforms (video, drone, photo and 360° panoramas).

However, if you’re looking something not mentioned above or you’re interested in a specific platform please explore below for more options.

Aerial Drone Services

Professional Aerial Drone Services based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fully insured and licensed FAA Part 107 Certified Remote UAV Pilots.  We provide a wide range of photography, videography, and construction site mapping services all along the Colorado Front Range. 

Video Production

Quality video production with your budget in mind. I specialize in promotional videos and animation, However, video may be used in many more ways such as training videos, explainer videos, customer testimonial, and video interviews. 

We also record and edit event videos, from company events, to speaker presentations to wedding ceremonies.

Video production can be confusing and intimidating, but I’m here to help guide you through the process and assist you in all of the creative aspects of developing your message and having it come across on video. I guarantee an enjoyable experience.  

360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours

Panorama photography involves capturing a series of images that are then stitched together to create a wider, panoramic view or 360° view of a scene. This technique is used  capture a full view of a room or other space.

Virtual tours, on the other hand, use a combination of panoramic photographs, videos, and other multimedia elements to create an interactive and immersive experience that allows viewers to explore a location from different angles and perspectives. Virtual tours are commonly used by businesses in the tourism, real estate, and hospitality industries, as they provide a more engaging and informative way for potential customers to experience a location remotely.

Professional Photography

Professional photography, high-quality images can help businesses stand out from the competition and create a strong brand image while also increasing customer engagement and interest in the business.

Professional photographs can be used across a range of marketing materials, from social media and websites to print materials, creating a cohesive and polished brand presence. Investing in professional photography can be a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts and overall success.